Collection: Paintings by Michael Miller

Michael’s work is characterized by textural richness, the interplay of transparency and opacity, and a deliberate ambiguity in spatial representation. It asks questions about truth and deception, revelation and concealment, and history and memory. It often draws on the visual vocabulary of camouflage, including “dazzle”, a form of high contrast, geometric camouflage applied to shipping in the early years of the last century. Michael’s other influences include 20th-century modernist art, art deco travel posters, erotic art, and nautical history.

 Michael is also trained as a social scientist and holds a Ph.D. from the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. He is, in addition, a long-standing supporter of human rights and has published work on a range of issues including violence against children, gender-based violence, and the prevention of torture.

 Michael currently works out of his studio in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NYC.

Instagram: @michaelmiller_art

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